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Whenever I finish a movie, I usually tend to have a sort of emotional high where my consciousness is stuck in the fictional story and I'm temporarily living through the eyes of a main character as if I believe what has happened to them could happen to me. This time it was La La Land, and the ending really stood out to me: the idea of someone coming into my life and bringing all this happiness but in the end it's simply all a daydream that loses to reality.

It wasn't really in a romantic way for me, but I felt it when Ar's favorite artist's newest song—specifically Lorde's "Green Light"—came on the radio, and Ar drove twice around the parking lot just so everyone could listen to the song. It made me smile, but I felt sad because I most likely won't be able to maintain these friendships at their current level simply due to distance and our inability to communicate on a deeper level through mediums other than being face to face.