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Hi! Welcome to Almost Sweet. What can I get for you today? Content? Oh... well, we're out of ingredients. 6-20-2021 • It's been a while! It's wild to look at things I've made for this site and all the history it's had (although very scattered ha), but I'm not sure what I want to do here anymore. I hate to see these words come from me, but I think I left the phase of trying to be creative after my freshman year of uni. I haven't written or edited anything for fun besides the occasional meme or weird image for friends, and I feel a little silly for being attached to all this. I think I might turn this into a blog of some sort?
Part of me dreads learning anything new that has since come up as essential to the world of static sites. Look at me now, a person estranged from their own website trying to get back in :d It makes me a little sad to delete all these icons I made, but I think I'll keep the little pixel art things I made and the outdated site designs since I was so proud of them when I first posted them up. A sort of hello and good bye of sorts, if you will.