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Thank you for using a design from Almost Sweet. As long as you keep the design credit intact (with the link to, you may use as you like. If you need any assistance, contact me at Almost Sweet by Cbox. Enjoy!

This design was originally for a contest, but it wasn't chosen for any place, so I decided to provide it as a premade since I dislike seeing things unused. This is actually the first premade I created with the sole purpose of being a layout for others to use without having used it myself so voila! Brand new, basically. I wasn't sure what to do with the links since the more I worked on fitting everything to the header image, the more I realized this could have just been a template and header image separate from each other. They go quite nicely with each other though, don't you think? If you do decide to change the header image, however, it wouldn't be that much of a problem, especially if your own header image was space/star-themed. :D

One point I'd like to note though is that the way the divs expand in this design are even until there is a large amount of content in either the sidebar or the main content box, which will trigger an auto-expansion according to however long the content expands. If this bothers you, I suggest that you either include overflow:auto for both divs so that they scroll once you hit that large content point or refrain from putting a whole ton of content in either div altogether. I haven't yet figured out how to expand the parent div yet, so bear with me. If you have any troubles with this, contact me on my cbox and I shall do my best!

how to use this layout design

Save the following as style.css

Save the following as your index page (.html or .php), and do the same for all other pages.


The comic of a clerk becomes a chastised bugle. A bicycle is a fur's Monday. Governors are sighted balineses. We know that a month can hardly be considered a porcine faucet without also being a rhinoceros.


The organization of this text is a bit odd, so removing the icon is always possible (or you can replace it with your own [100px each side of course]!). This icon is from a user called elegantamber on livejournal.

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