couch potato

30 June 2016

I added a Sailor Moon design a while ago but never updated to let y'all know, so here's the update with me telling you I added another premade layout, too! Look at me on a roll!

arial rules

11 June 2016

Almost Sweet is back open with stuff I finally finished moving over from my subdomain! And it only took a couple months ( ´ ▽ ` ). I decided to reorganize my sites since they were all over the place, and this one deserved some much needed prioritizing. I scrapped the layout I drew even though I have longed to use it for such a long time, but the navigation was half-baked (I've always wanted to use this term) and the super-fine-tip-pen lines I thought would be clear were actually pretty awful for a layout's display. It looked so pretty-cute from far away though :D

I will admit the height of the entire layout is a bit odd since you have to scroll to view the rest of the layout, which is also a scroll...scroll-ception! But mehh it's not that bad so I'll keep it.

The majority of the icons available were from animes I was watching at the time, but I'm in the process of adding more general ones. I don't really see people using icons nowadays, but they're fun to make and I'm a fan of my own work so why not, right? ┐(︶▽︶)┌

new scribbling

21 May 2016

Hey look! It's a new site design. The old one is now available for you to use, too!

paper, read all about it

17 April 2016

I added an about page, but you'll have to put in a slight effort to find it (hooray for effort). I'm in the process of moving what little content I have on my other site to this site since I decided it's unnecessary to have multiple inactive sites with similar foci even if I did enjoy the ease of updating with PHP includes.

garden lounging

20 Feb 2016

I added a few more backgrounds—there's almost a plant theme going on heh—and a couple of pixel art things.

endless walls

11 Feb 2016

I added a page for design resources and posted a repeatable/seamless background. :D

typical sunrise

16 Dec 2015

I'm Lisa, and welcome to my little spot of the internet! Everything is a bit unorganized since I've just put everything up, but feel free to look around.
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