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Feel free to change/switch headers around as well as change fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. to your liking, but please keep the credit link on the design no matter how much you alter the original. Some are quite easy to customize since they only require colors and patterns; however, there are some that really aren't meant to be changed in terms of header images and other big stuff (ie. positioning and div sizes), but really, you can do whatever you like as long as you have the knowledge and ability. The corresponding codes are linked on the demo pages themselves, which are reachable by clicking the previews.

gold in gray

21 MAY 2016

A minimalist fixed navigation with expandable divs that act as individual posts. Very tumblr-style.

stars in our hearts

22 JUN 2016

A starry Sailor Moon design that features two expandable divs and a horizontal navigation.

bold blocks

30 JUN 2016

A simple, bold-font layout that can be kept at the current blue and red theme or can be easily customized within the CSS.